Hirander Misra, CEO of GMEX Group co-authored this article with Sean Kiernan, CEO of Greengage (previously DAG Global).

What will Britain’s role be as a financial innovation centre, post-Brexit? Our economy depends on it, yet over a year after our official exit from the EU on 31 January 2020, the answer is still not clear.

In 2018, GMEX Group and Greengage published a report and article highlighting “The ‘Digital Opportunity’ Of Brexit”. We looked at the economic opportunity for the UK to strike out on its own in shaping a unique approach to digital innovation after leaving Europe.

Our revised…

We are very excited to launch our new brand name as “Greengage” which has been the fruit of much internal consideration. At our core, we are building a digital merchant bank — bridging the historic merchant banking tradition with the opportunities presented by new technologies.

Our previous name of “DAG Global” has served us very well for over 2 years now, and we have been grateful to be recognised as an innovator in this space in many publications. …

DAG Global

A Crypto-friendly bank | UK set to capitalise on a major market opportunity

The cryptocurrency space is a digital space — supposedly a disruptor space — yet how come it is still not digital enough to succeed?

The original cryptocurrencies and associated organisations evolved partly out of the desire to disrupt the traditional banking model and fiat currency system. Ironic then that these tech pioneers now desperately need bank accounts for fiat deposits in order to continue their upward trajectory.

Whilst the crypto ecosystem continues to develop at lightning pace, most of the established banks maintain their hostility towards the…

“Change is the only constant.”

The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus of Ephesus made this observation years ago and today it captures the essence of Lagarde’s speech delivered on Wednesday this week at the Singapore Fintech Festival. It is a pivotal declaration on the part of a major international financial institution — the International Monetary Fund — in favour of harnessing the power and potential of distributed ledger technology.

Lagarde discussed three important emerging aspects of fintech: firstly, the fact that money is becoming increasingly digital worldwide. Money as we know it is rapidly evolving and adapting to the advancements in technology…


Greengage: Building the future of finance; reinventing the merchant bank for the digital age. #blockchain #bitcoin #fintech #finance #trading #banking

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